About Us

Hello and hallo! We are Sachiko and Moritz. Welcome to our blog where we’ll be sharing our journey of building a camper truck and our one-year climbing road trip. We'll be sharing details throughout every phase of the build and when we finally begin our travels, we hope to bring you to places few people get to experience (unless they are climbers).

Our only wish is that our stories, lessons learned, and artefacts will not only inspire you, but also help plan your next adventure!

Mid-climb on Dope Ninja in El Portrero Chico!

Who are we?

Both of us are creators at heart. Moritz is a master tinkerer and loves everything from carpentry to electronics. He also enjoys writing and has worked on a personal blog for his craft for several years now. Moritz isn't the best when it comes to documentation or creative design, but he executes plans like no other (...like a true German!).

I'm (Sachiko) a master baker and yogi, which doesn't help with this project except that squirting caulking is similar to piping icing and smearing epoxy is similar to scraping chocolate. But, I'm a resourceful logistician with a mildy creative mind (my German didn't set a high bar) who prefers to plan rather than to execute, so we make a darn good team.

Why are we doing this?

We love climbing, getting outside, and creating things. We've both dreamed of taking time off to explore North America and see what we could achieve with climbing. Building our own home on wheels and traveling to climb for an entire year seemed like the perfect grand plan.

As any athlete or craftsman knows, it's difficult to achieve mastery of your sport or craft while juggling full-time work, relationships, and all the curve balls of life. Especially with rock climbing, every week off the wall hinders progress and sets you back (unless they are planned recovery periods). For us to be able to make it to the gym by a reasonable hour (e.g. 7 PM), we would still arrive rushed, stressed, hungry, dehydrated. Long story short, progress is slow and delayed gratification is seemingly permanent. During our year off, without client deadlines (for Sachiko) or 3 AM on-call IT duties (for Moritz), we can finally focus on one of the most important parts of our lives: climbing!

Even though I've always wanted to build a camper van,  the actual work itself isn't that interesting to me. Cue Moritz...every single package we've received is like Christmas Day for him. He'll finally be able to put to use all his talents from watching DIY YouTube videos. Plus, big power tools. Self-explanatory.

For myself, I've always wanted to be a content creator of some sort. I have numerous editions of unpublished food blogs, thousands of photos of my pastries, collections of yoga and fitness routines, but nothing's sparked enough of a fire for me to want to put myself out there. What was different this time was the immense amount of help we received from strangers on the internet who overcame their roadblocks to share their stories and resources. It felt right this time and we wanted to give back.

Our primary objective, though, is really to chronicle this time of our life! Turns out, there are some added benefits such as keeping us on track with our project and sparking some joy into other people's lives.

Thank you!

Thank you for visiting us and we hope we were able to put a smile on your face!


On the road to pitches,

⛰️ Moritz + Sachiko